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Care Without Conditions

Are you wondering how you can make a difference in a homeless person's life? Are you an animal lover?  The Full Belly Bus mobile pet care team is commited to supporting pet owners who are working to end their homelessness with the help of San Francisco's Navigation Centers.

FBB provides free: licensed veterinary care, certified animal behavior training, pet food, as well as supplies like leashes, collars, harnesses and coats to unhoused people with companion dogs and cats. Our primary goal is to help people to keep their pets.  

Since the first Navigation Center opened in 2015, our approach has proven successful in improving the well-being of pets, and in turn their owners who are able to keep their animal companions.

Our animal welfare experts offer care without any conditions and help without judgement.  In serving as advocates for residentially challenged pet owners, FBB dramatically helps reduce the number of cats and dogs entering San Francisco's animal shelters, enhances the quality of life for transitionally-housed animals and supports pet owners of every age, race, gender identity, expression and sexual orientation.

Full Belly Bus is an all-volunteer, charitable 501 (c) 3 non-profit organization.

Help without Judgement

Training Expertise


With over 40 years of combined professional experience, the highly credentialed dream team trio of Corinne Dowling, Paul Ellis & Paula Benton provide: force-free, science-based, positive reinforcement-focused training and management help.  Our combined training toolbox is bottomless!

Veterinary Care


Veterinary rock stars Dr. Julio Bolivar Dillon and Vet Assistant Marisa Plaice provide free wellness exams that include vaccinations (DHLPP, Rabies, Bordetella), microchipping, flee & tick prevention, nail trimming, treatment of minor skin, eye & ear problems and spay/neutering help.

Husbandry Help


Education is key!  We are commited, in our educational offerings, to dispelling common and often harmful pet care myths. We provide up-to-date animal health and behavior help as well as humane management equipment and pet supplies.  The end result?  Trusting relationships without fearful pets.



Our commitment to community is created one relationship at a time, free of judgement, respectful of timing.  Our deeply caring volunteers treat people and their companion animals with dignity and understand a pet's home is with a loving person.

Pet Food Pantries


Coming in 2019, Full Belly Bus will begin providing pet food pantries in numerous San Francisco Single Room Occupancy (SRO) buildings as a way to assist people struggling to feed their pets.  People need not go hungry to feed their pets.

Your Support is Needed


We are the Village!  Please join us in advocating for people struggling to keep their pets, while working to end their homelessness. Navigation Center guests love and cherish their pets exactly as you cherish yours.

Our Partners


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